With the restaurant Point of Sale system, you can manage your restaurant stock, bookings, and online orders! Check out the best 5 restaurant POS systems you must try!

When you open a bar, restaurant or bar, you need a suitable POS software to accept credit and debit card payments. However, the restaurant Point of Sale systems today do much more than just accepting credit or debit card payments. The POS systems today text and email receipts, track inventory, do invoicing, analyze customer and sales data, help manage employees, and etc.

In a market full of POS vendors, it is pretty hard to decide which POS solution is best for your business. After all, you need a suitable POS solution that can meet your business needs, budget, and future plans.

We are going to present you the best 5 restaurant POS systems you must try:

  1. Breadcrumb This POS system is suitable for full-service restaurants. The features allow restaurants and business owners to update menu items, create table maps, and monitor sales in real time. Breadcrumb costs $69 per month for one terminal plus $30 for each extra terminal.
  2. ShopKeep This POS system is suitable for quick-service cafes or restaurants. The software includes features that allow restaurants to track inventory, customize menus, market to customers, manage employees, and analyze data. The monthly fee is $49.
  3. Square Another popular POS system suitable for quick-service cafes and restaurants. With no monthly fee and an EMV card reader available to purchase for $49, this system has a low barrier to entry that is excellent for startups and new businesses. It works with both Android and iOS devices.
  4. Dinerware Dinerware is a Point of Sale system suitable for full-service restaurants. The features include table management, menu building, and sales reporting. The system also offers a tablet POS option specially designed for tableside ordering and food trucks.
  5. NCR Silver A cloud-based POS system suitable for full-service and quick-service restaurants. There are two options available: NCR mobile POS (this system runs on iOS devices) and NCR Silver Register (this system runs on a closed Android platform). The price starts from $59 per month for one terminal.

Check these 5 restaurant POS systems and decide which one is ideal for your business! By implementing a POS system you can finally improve your business and increase your sales!

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